AI powered translations

Of course, you know Google translate. You may even know its limits and mistakes.

But did you know we can build custom translation platforms that learn your language, provide quality instant translations and reduce your translation costs by 67%?


“Quality often better than human”

The translation engines we train got a Bleu score of 67 . Bleu score basically measures the matches vs a perfect human translation. Google translates gets 50.

In practice, this means a huge difference: while the Google translate text at 50 is hard to understand, without flow and requires guessing and stopping to wonder, the custom AI text flows, is easy to understand, and has just a few expressions that sound imperfect…

Here is what we can help you build:

A translation API to integrate in your tech stack across platforms

A platform to customize translations and crowdsource feedback

Tools like web translators and apps

A network of human translators around the world