Add AI-powered translations to your sites

Add AI-powered translations


7 things a PMS must know about

AI-powered translations for short-term rentals

  1. Google translate is not enough

  2. Human quality is not dead

  3. Automation can save you

  4. AI can save you 2/3 on new but similar content

  5. Not all content on your website is equal

  6. Localization vs. translation

  7. Vacations rental softwares have very different direct booking language capacities

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About us: an international story

Vacation Rentals in Prague from 2004

Multi-lingual website (Rentego)

Multi-lingual websites in Hawaii since 2008 (

Translation automation and AI(VR translator within VR partnership)

Our Team

Combines more than 15 years of vacation rental experience and more than 10 years of building websites, internationalizing software and more. 


Eric Bordier

Founder, CEO

Has leveraged his experiences with McKinsey and L’Oreal to innovate in the vacation rental industry. He created the first STR company in Prague to propose online reservations and code locks in 2004, the first company to develop multilingual websites for Escapia in 2010. He came up with VR revenue management for profit in 2019 and is fascinated by the new possibilities opened by AI. In a nutshell, his spike is to combine the vision of business goals and pragmatic use of new technologies.


Ariadna Almenova

Project Manager

Years of experience in marketing and sales for vacation rentals and vacation rental software. Ariadna also studied financial management and tourism. She often focuses on channels and pricing.


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Our anchor is in Prague, Czechia, EU (time zone: CET)

But we do travel a lot around the world and work remote as semi-nomads.

Here is how we hope the next months look like:

July-August: Prague, Czechia

September: Prague and Porto around VRWS

October: the U.S. around VRMA national

November: Egypt and Madeira December: Prague January-March: Koh Pha Ngan, Thailand

Business hours

Typical office hours are Mon – Fri …… 9 am – 5 pm CET, but we are pretty flexible 🙂

Office: Our anchor is in Prague, Czechia, EU (time zone: CET)

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